You're a proud wanderlust. Travel is your obsession, culture is your passion. You love the globe and enjoy meeting new people, trying new foods, learning a new language and experiencing a new culture. You may have been to our homeleand, the Caribbean, known for its lively yet laid back culture, island vibes and exotic flavors or it's on your list of places to get too. If you're nodding your head in agreement, Taste Tea Naturals is for you! 

Taste Tea Naturals provides specialty fruit and herbal tea infusions with a Caribbean twist. Our all natural, exotic teas are beautifully packaged and make the ideal gift for you and yours. From mini samplers, to tins to refill pouches, we've got your needs covered. Taste one of our teas and experience the culture, the vibe, the unique flavors. A vacation without leaving the office! 

Taste Tea Naturals Value Proposition


Prince Harry Caribbean Tour Antigua 
"Wow what a unique flavor. I've never heard of that combination before". Prince Harry, gift recipient, Caribbean tour 2016  
Usually teas that taste fruity like this get bitter after being steeped too long but this one hasn't. I love that it's all natural too! A. Mafra, Kickstarter backer 
I'm in love with the Jamaica Coconut Rum Pimento tea. I was trying to save it for special occasions but it's so good I have to keep drinking it. L. Carby, Customer