1. What's different about your teas?
At Taste Tea Naturals™ we strive to provide high quality teas that are all natural and free of artificial flavors and colors. We use REAL fruits, herbs and spices. Open up one of our teabags and compare the ingredients to a teabag from a big manufacturer and you’ll probably be surprised. Pretty much all of their teas are just tea leaves and artificial flavorings. Who wants a pineapple tea with no pineapple?

2. Are your teas organic?

    Based on a small island, we see firsthand how organic labeling is a double edged sword. It's incredible to nowadays have product certification that ensures ingredients are free of pesticides and chemicals. The unfortunate flip side is that organic labeling has become a lucrative business and small farmers and producers who grow high quality, organic ingredients are unable to afford the expensive and extensive organic certification process. We've made a deliberate choice to avoid organic labels in support of all the small farmers and producers out there; however, you could call our ingredients "uncertified organic". 

    3. Why do you use silky pyramid teabags instead of traditional round teabags?

      Our teas use whole ingredients including real fruits, herbs and spices whereas traditional teas in round teabags are usually filled with fine, milled particles therefore reducing the quality and taste of the tea. We provide the quality of loose leaf tea in the convenience of a teabag. The unique shape of pyramid bags allows for a better brew because the whole ingredients have more space to expand and move around as they absorb water. 

      4. What are your teabags made of?

        Unlike other companies that use a cheaper, nylon pyramid bag, we use a premium soilon (derived from cornstarch) teabag from Japan. 

        5. Why is your packaging collectible tins instead of cardboard boxes?

          We wanted to elevate our teas from standard cardboard packaging and create a product that could be given as a gift and that owners could proudly display in their homes and offices.

           6. What are your brewing instructions?

            Place teabag in 8oz of boiling water and let sit, covered for 5 mins. Stir before drinking.

            For iced tea, double the number of tea bags and follow the same instructions. Refrigerate to cool and add ice to serve.
            Because our teas are herbal, they don't leave a bitter taste when steeped for a long time. Instead, the flavor deepens and tastes even better!

            7. What schools do you donate to?

            The following four schools will be recipients of our Tea with a Difference mission.

            Antigua- Adele School for Special Children

            Jamaica- Llandilo School

            St. Vincent- School for Special Children

            Trinidad- Aspirare Learning Community

            8. Do you sell wholesale?

            Yes! Contact us at info@tasteteanaturals.com for more information.