In A Nutshell

Taste Tea Naturals provides fruit and herbal specialty tea infusions with a Caribbean twist, packaged in silky pyramid teabags and collectible tins. We're not your grandmas tea, but don't worry, we really love our grandmas and they love our teas!

From The Founder

Growing up I've always loved tea. As a child of Caribbean parents, I was all too used to herbal teas being offered as a remedy for every ailment under the sun. As I gained a deeper interest in health and wellness I decided to make tea my choice beverage but I didn't want the caffeine. I was bored of traditional, grocery store teas like early grey, chamomile and orange pekoe. I wanted exciting and unique blends, something that tasted good. The Caribbean is known for its bold and exotic spices and flavors and the idea dawned, make teas that show off your vibrant Caribbean culture with authentic blends. But I didn't just want tasty teas, I wanted them to make me feel good too. I wanted to feel special, relaxed, appreciated, cultured, sophisticated, adventurous. Drinking tea connected me with great experiences, emotions, memories and so much more. Great experiences + unique flavors = Taste Tea Naturals

Giving Back (Our WHY?)

Zambia school children
I've always had a heart for helping others, especially around the globe. I went to Zambia in 2011 and was teaching in a local school that was severely overpopulated. To cope, school ran for three hour blocks and students were assigned a block to attend. Some classrooms were held outside under trees and one Grade 2 class had 96 students! We were told that the government would only send extra teachers if the community could build housing for them. Because the community could not afford this (it was a rural village with no running water or electricity), teachers could not be sent. Sadly, I did not have the money or I would have built the houses right then and there. I realized that needs are great, but simple solutions exist to enhance and improve people's lives. Humanity connects us all to each other and I need to do my part to make this world a better place. Ubuntu- I am, because of you.
 A few students from the Adele School for Special Children in Antigua
Taste Tea Naturals strives to  be a profitable, purpose-driven business that makes a positive impact on local communities around the globe. As a special education teacher in Antigua, I decided to start with my community. Special education is not taken seriously in the Caribbean. There is a lot of stigma and ignorance that I've experienced first hand as a special education teacher. Therefore 10% of profits from each of our Caribbean collection teas will be donated to a local special education school (see FAQs for list), so we can start changing the conversation and remove the stigma.
With the help of our amazing backers, we had a successful Kickstarter campaign at the end of 2016 and Taste Tea Naturals was launched. 
Buy some tea and let's sip. taste. savor. together.
With peace and positivity,
Natalie Mullin, Founder