Tea: The Perfect Gift For 7 Types of People

Tea: The Perfect Gift For 7 Types of People

Well Mother's Day is coming up and we've been getting lots of orders for mothers of course. When I think of tea, I think of it as being warm, cozy, comforting. Perfect attributes that also relate to moms, so tea is definitely a perfect gift choice. But I wanted to share with you some other groups of people that people buy tea for. Many times people think of gifting tea only for tea lovers, but lots of people like tea even if they're not die hards. Case in point, a lesser known fact is that most people who drink coffee also drink tea. Keep in mind, if you're giving tea as a gift, you want to give tea from a specialty company. Lipton and Tetley just don't scream gift worthy. As well, people like to be introduced to new tea companies, especially trendy, niche companies so it's the perfect opportunity to delve into the tea word and explore various companies. Taste Tea Naturals is one such niche tea company providing exotic Caribbean style teas you won't find anywhere else. 

Without further adieu, here are 7 types of people tea is the perfect gift for.

1. Teachers- Teachers love tea! If you ever go in the lunchroom/staffroom of a school, most likely you'll see multiple tea options on the shelf. After all, it makes sense. Teaching is a hard job, one which requires you to be calm and relaxed and tea helps with that! Teachers usually receive gifts at Christmas, Valentines, end of year and on Teacher's Appreciation Day. Next time you need a gift for a teacher, consider the gift of tea! They'll be sure to thank you.

2. House warming- When you're invited to a house warming, you often don't know what to bring. A kettle? A toaster? The problem is they probably already have their household goods or they're following a certain theme that you don't want to mess up. A lovely way to warm their house is with the gift of tea. And better yet, they'll probably invite you to share a cup and may provide some cookies too. 

3. Family- I already touched on mothers but the whole family can benefit from tea. Parents, siblings, aunts/uncles, cousins, grandparents etc. And while you're at it, go a step further. Give them the teas you like and include a little note, "these are my favorite teas and maybe they'll become yours too"! They'll appreciate the extra thought.

4. Friends- Have you ever had tea time with friends? Whether it's meeting at a local cafe, or sharing a cup of tea at the kitchen counter, tea is a great way to catch up with friends. I love going to my friends' homes and exploring their tea cupboards. There are SO many flavors of tea and everyone has a different assortment. An advantage of having tea at your friend's house is that you can easily try a few teas in one sitting. If they don't have  a good selection or even if they do, you gifting them some tea just adds to their collection and if they really like the tea, they'll always remember it came from you!

5. Coworkers- It's funny because we tend to hold friends in closer regard than coworkers but we spend way more time with our coworkers (who can of course become friends too), so it's a good idea to invest in key relationships and a gift is a great way. Especially in office environments, many workers have a tea stash whether a tin or box on their desk or tucked in a drawer. They probably have some caffeinated teas to keep them up and some herbal teas to keep them relaxed during the stress of the demanding day. A gift of tea could be a nice gesture to say congrats on your promotion or your latest success. Or it could be a a way of saying thanks for helping me on that project. Or it could be for no reason at all except I thought of you. 

6. New neighbor- You might have felt this before. You move to a new home and you've got a bit of anxiety because you don't know anyone in your area. It's a bit daunting to meet someone and you don't really want to go over to everyone's homes and introduce yourself but you really want to meet people. Well you can help break the ice and anxiety when you notice you have a new neighbor that's joined your community. A tin of tea and maybe some cookies are sure to make them feel welcome. 

7. Yourself- You know when you have guests over, you want to be the perfect host. You try to have a little bit of everything so that whatever your guest wants, you can supply their needs. I remember one of my closest friends would always stock their pantry with popcorn and tea so that any time I came over, I'd always have my favorites at hand, even though they didn't care for either. Now that's a great friend (and host)! A great tip is to have a sampler pack or a variety of teas available so you can give your guests options based on their mood and flavor preferences. 

Tell me in the comments, have you ever given tea as a gift? Who appreciates it the most?

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