Tea Stash Series: What's in your cupboard?

Tea Stash Series: What's in your cupboard?

At the office, we've always enjoyed talking to each other about new teas we've discovered and who has the most tea in their cupboard. So we decided to do a series called Tea Stash where we interview tea lovers about the teas they currently have. In our first interview, we chat with Nicky, a self-proclaimed tea addict.

1. Describe your relationship with tea.

I really, really love tea. I have it every day in the morning while reading the newspaper and I try to have it throughout the day as well.

2. What's your favorite type of tea?

My favorite type of tea is chai tea. There are so many variations and every time I find a new chai tea, I always have to buy it. Some are too spicy or bitter, but most of them I fall in love with.

3. How many teas are currently in your cupboard? What are they?

I currently have 9 types of tea in my cupboard. I have green tea, assam tea, orange pekoe tea, two types of chai tea, a tropical fruit tea, peach tea, pineapple ginger tea and peppermint tea.  

4. How many tea brands are in your cupboard?

I like trying different brands of tea so my teas are from 8 different brands.

5. Where do you buy great tea?

I started out only buying grocery store brands but as I started to love tea more, I began buying specialty teas online where there are way more options. I still buy a few in the grocery store but only the plain, traditional flavors.  

6. If you had to recommend a must try tea for our readers to try, which would it be?

The tea I loved the absolute most and would recommend to anyone was called Amaretto Chocolate by Pluck Teas but unfortunately they've discontinued it.

7. Have you tried any of our teas yet? If so, what did you think?

Oh yes I'm a big fan of your Pineapple Ginger Tea actually. I like it because I don't have to add sugar to it, it tastes natural and it's really soothing.

8. If you could create your own tea, what flavors would it have?

Hmm, well I love herbal teas so it would definitely be a caffeine free tea. I like spices and fruit so maybe an apple spiced tea reminiscent of apple cider.

 If you'd like to be a part of our Tea Stash Series and have a chance to win a mini sampler, email us at info@tasteteanaturals.com.  

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Ruth McDonald

Ruth McDonald

Yummm. Amertro Chocolate sounds so good. Wish I could try that.

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