Tea for Every Kind of Mood

Tea for Every Kind of Mood

The other day a colleague of mine was discussing their hectic morning. It required going to various government offices to conduct personal business, and if you live in the Caribbean, you know how frustrating a process this can be. At the end of the ordeal she came back to the office and exclaimed, "I've had a depressing day, time for some tea". 

Tea is such a special beverage in that it can be used for a variety of moods and meet a variety of needs. Whereas its cousin, coffee, is usually used for energy because of its caffeine, tea comes in a wide variety of types that all are suited for different functions and purposes.

Whatever mood you're in, tea can help!

Tea is great when you are depressed. 

When you're feeling down, having a cup of tea can be a great pick me up. It allows for a moment to regroup yourself and focus on the positives in life. Fruity teas with citrus undertones are especially helpful for combating depression as their sweet notes brighten up your taste buds and your day!

Tea is great for relaxation. 

relaxing tea

The number one reason why people drink tea is to relax. A combination of the soothing, warm liquid, the fragrant aromas and the delicate flavors transport tea drinkers into peace and serenity. Herbal teas are great for relaxation as they don't have caffeine. Instead, natural ingredients blend together for a calming effect that helps you ditch the stress and unwind. Though many herbal teas are commonly drunk without tea, many find the creaminess of milk comforting and cozy. If looking for relaxing herbal teas you can drink with milk, we suggest spiced chai tea or orange cocoa spice tea

Tea is great to cure insomnia and induce a restful state. 

It's not surprising that given how hectic our daily lives are, many people have difficulty falling asleep because their minds are still running at a mile a minute even at 10pm. Tea ingredients such as chamomile, passion flower, valerian, lemon balm and lavender are all touted for their anti-insomnia properties. Pineapple ginger tea is great if you want to be in a restful state but not sleepy. Tea is a part of many people's bedtime routine and we can vouch, tea before bed really does work to not only help you fall asleep easier, but also to have a deeper sleep. Shutting off all electronics and reading a book while drinking your tea quickens the rate at which your body is able to get into a restful state. So maybe ditch the remote and pick up an inspirational book or journal instead?

Tea meets the desire for adventure.

Caribbean boat adventure

You can travel all around the world through tea. Our Caribbean collection allows you to get a taste of the islands without booking a ticket. Teas can also connect you with Asian, African and European flavors and reflect the culture, diversity, spices and complexities of regions around the world. Adventure in tea not only comes from the flavors but also from the form. Whether tea cocktails, bubble tea or tea infused snowcones, there are lots of fun ways to get a thrill and sense of adventure through tea.  

Tea is great for wellness. 

If you're of Caribbean descent, your parents or grandparents have probably raised you with the belief that your day should always start with a hot cup of tea. Whether bush tea, bagged tea or even hot cocoa (yes know it's not "tea" but for us Caribbeans it is) on a special day, tea is believed to contribute positive health I know they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away", but in Caribbean culture "a cup of tea a day keeps the doctor away". Tea has been known to aid in weight loss, prevent cancer, strengthen the immune system, lower blood pressure, prevent diabetes, boost your metabolism and the list continues. Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world after water, and for many, the functional and health benefits of tea are in perfect alignment with their wellness goals.  

Gosh, tea really is the magic beverage. Drink up! Tell us in the comments, what's your favorite mood to drink tea in?

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