Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness

By now we've probably all heard of random acts of kindness. They're kind things you do for others with no expectation of something in return. Acts of kindness can be done for both loved ones and strangers, the latter of which we're particularly fond of because the impact is greater. You don't expect strangers to be kind to you, you expect that from your loved ones. So when a stranger does something nice, it really highlights the beauty of humanity. In today's world, people are pretty selfish and self-absorbed. From selfies to deliberately tailored timelines that scream "look at me", random acts of kindness are a welcomed breath of fresh air. There is even a day dedicated to random acts of kindness on February 17. But we want acts of kindness to be every day so here are some ideas to get you started. 

1. When you head to the coffee shop, pay for the order of the person behind you. To avoid it being awkward, just leave the money with the cashier and ask them to explain it to the next customers. 

2. Put a uniquely flavored teabag on a coworker's desk with a note saying "hope this tea perks up your day".

3. Buy a flower and give it to your office's cleaner/janitor with a note saying "you're appreciated".

4. Leave $5 on your seat next time you're at a café (everyone likes to find money and you never know who you might be helping out).

5. Bring a batch of cupcakes to work and leave them in a communal place. Extra points if they're homemade.

6. Next time you have a great meal at a restaurant, ask for the chef to come out and compliment their skill. Chefs often don't get to hear direct feedback and appreciation for their work.

7. Make a donation to a children's hospital in the name of a loved one. It's a double act of kindness! 

8. Buy an extra umbrella and keep it in your car. Next time you see someone walking in the rain, give it to them, they'll be sure to appreciate it. 

9. Go up to someone in the gym that's not athletic but giving it their all. Congratulate them on their efforts and encourage them to keep up the hard work. 

10. Show a tourist or a new immigrant around your city. Take them out to lunch or your favorite local spot. 

My encouragement to you today is find a stranger to show a random act of kindness too. And remember, they don't need to know the act is from you unless you want. 

Bonus: Ask an elderly person as a coffee shop if you can sit and have a coffee with them. 

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