Moms: The real MVPs

Moms: The real MVPs

This past Sunday was Mother's Day. A day I've always known as a day to treat your mom extra special, give her a gift, do all her chores etc. The day is supposed to be all about her. But this past Sunday, I gained a new perspective of Mother's Day. 

You see, I was working at our sister venture Cafe ICED, a bubble tea cafe in Antigua. The day was very busy and as I prepared for it, I imagined to myself lots of children, teens and even adults would be coming to purchase bubble tea for their moms. In my mind, they were either going to take one home or bring their mom to the cafe for a yummy treat. But what I encountered was the complete opposite.

I witnessed the selflessness, love and constant giving heart of a mother. 

Mother after mother came to purchase bubble teas, not just for themselves, but for their families. Every mother accepted the same way. Happy when they saw their child's face as they took their first sip. Proud to know that they could bring a moment of joy to their child's face. This really touched me for two reasons.

One, I realize though we take time out on Mother's Day to recognize our moms and show them appreciation for all they've done, Mother's Day is every day.

When I said "Happy Mother's Day" to some, they were almost startled because they forgot it was Mother's Day. For them it was a normal day. They were doing what they always do, taking care of their families, making sure everyone was happy and their needs met. I realized for mothers, even if we try to make it about them, they instinctively make it about us.

Two, moms are the real MVPs.

My definition of an MVP is someone who is the core on their team; if they're absent, the team weakens. Their value is immeasurable. Their consistent, showing up every day to do their job, fully engaging in their role at all times, not just from 9-5.  They have great rapport and communicate with all involved stakeholders (in a family this can include doctors, teachers, coaches etc). They are skilled; they're good at what they do. Nobody can quite do it like they can. Whether it's cooking, cleaning, loving, making you laugh, somehow your momma just does it best. They defend and protect those close to them. Where do you think the reference "mama bear" comes from. She protects the family from harm and danger. MVPs always support their team and know it's not just about them. Moms are their children's number one cheerleaders and always believes in them and encourages them to reach for the stars. Finally, an MVP never gives up. They may not be perfect, they may not get it right all the time but they never stop trying, they're always giving their best.

We all love our moms, but how often do we stop to tell her or show her? Do we give her gifts outside of Mother's Day? Do we occasionally treat her to dinner or the spa or just sit down and share a cup of tea together? MVPs usually get celebrated with an award and pomp and circumstance. But moms often go by unrecognized for their invaluable contribution to our lives. We've got to change this. We've got to show mom, more often, how much we care. How much we appreciate her and our grateful for her and all she does. So in case I've never said it before, Mom, you are the real MVP! Thank you.

Tell me in the comments, is your mom an MVP? What are some ways you show your appreciation?

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