Celebrity Tea Pairings: Nicki Minaj

Celebrity Tea Pairings: Nicki Minaj

We love tea. We love celebrities. Let's do celebrity tea. NO, not that gossip type tea. Regular, good old, steeped tea. We thought it'd be fun to do a blog series on celebrity tea pairings because just as every tea is unique, our favorite celebrities have their own flair and personality as well. We love all things Caribbean so who better to start with than Caribbean "bad gyal", Miss Nicki Minaj. 

Nicki Minaj hails from the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Nicki is known for her dominance in the rap industry, not just as a female, but holding her own even amongst the "big boys". There is no stopping her as she continues to push the limits with her lyrics, personas and content. Girl's working hard and I'm sure you'll agree she's on fire. What tea would be best for Nicki? What tea was strong enough to pair with such a powerhouse? Our celebrity tea match for Nicki Minaj is spiced Taste Trinidad: Chai Bitters Tea

5 reasons why Chai Tea and Nicki Minaj are the perfect match 

1. Nicki is from Trinidad so Taste Trinidad: Chai Bitters Tea is an obvious pairing off the bat. Who wouldn't love tea inspired by their homeland? #trinitodebone

Trinidad tea

2. Chai tea originated in India and is a blend of black tea, milk and aromatic spices. Nicki is of Indo Trinidadian and Afro Trinidadian descent, so chai tea perfectly reflects her ethnic and cultural background.

3. Chai tea is gaining worldwide popularity on lightning scale and well, it's obvious Nicki's popularity is only climbing especially as she continues to win award after award. 

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4. Chai tea uses a variety of spices including cardamom, clove, cinnamon and ginger. Nicki Minaj is always known for spicing things up whether with her lyrics, dance moves or outfits so she's definitely perfect for this spiced beverage.

5. Chai is enjoyed both as a hot and cold beverage and if you know Miss Nicki, she serves up both temperatures. But we think the best match is a iced chai latte, let's keep her hot and her drinks cold, gotta have the balance ya know!

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Tell us in the comments, if you were a celebrity, what tea would be your perfect match?

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