Behind Taste Antigua

Behind Taste Antigua

People often ask about our unique Caribbean flavor blends so we decided to do a blog series to share how we came up with them. Our first blog post in this series is Behind Taste Antigua. 

Pineapple Ginger is a pretty unique flavor profile, especially for tea. So unique in fact that even Prince Harry commented on it.

When most people think of Antigua, they think of a small and beautiful paradise island, known for having 365 beaches, one for every day of the year. A lesser known fact is that Antigua is home to the world's sweetest pineapple known as the Antigua Black Pineapple (no, it's not black in color). Many believe that Antigua's lack of rainfall and low humidity contributes to ideal soil conditions that allow for the sweet fruit. While driving through Antigua, you will often see fruit vendors plying their trade while showcasing the Black Pineapple on their tables and in their fruit carts. Antiguans' love this fruit so much they also use it for juice, jams, sauces, cakes, kebabs and more. Antigua Black Pineapple is the national fruit of the island so it was obvious if we were going to represent Antigua, that pineapple should be a star player in our Taste Antigua tea.

In search of a complimentary ingredient and in wanting to stay true to the culture, we thought of popular "teas" locals often drank. Ginger tea is a staple Caribbean remedy passed down from generation to generation. It's promoted for its health benefits and is also used to liven up both food dishes and local drinks, and can be adjusted to pack a punch or add a delicate nuance. In our desire to create a tea that could be served both hot and iced, we knew a bit of a kick was needed and ginger was the perfect choice. And as such, our Pineapple Ginger tea was born, one sip, Taste Antigua. And our customers obviously agree it's a great choice because it's our best seller!

Tell me in the comments: Have you had Antigua Black Pineapple before? What is your favorite pineapple dish?

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