Iced Tea: What’s the big deal?

Iced Tea: What’s the big deal?

It’s summer time and across every online and physical tea retailer’s offerings, you can see a big push for iced tea. Tins, boxes, and pouches are all marked in big letters ICED TEA. Of course you’re hooked instantly because summer is hot and iced tea is cold. It’s the perfect combination. But what makes iced tea different from regular tea? Or is there no difference at all? (dun-dun- duuun music plays) (We kid, it’s not that serious).

There are a few things that make iced tea stand out:

  1. Ingredients- Most iced teas include summery fruits like mango, pineapple, peach and berries along with floral elements like rosehips and hibiscus. This is a welcomed change from the standard iced sweet tea made only with black tea teabags, sugar and water.
  2. Size- Iced tea bags are often larger than regular teabags. This is because they hold more ingredients to balance the ice that will melt over time. An easy way around this if you’re making your own iced tea without special bags is just to double the amount of regular teabags you use per serving. (We deliberately make only regular teabags so our Tasters can have the choice of which tea to make). 
  3. Price- Iced tea tends to be a bit more expensive than regular teabags because the bags hold more ingredients. Sometimes it is priced the same but there are less, usually half the amount, of bags in the package.
  4. Preparation- Iced tea is super easy to make. Simply boil water, put in your teabags and let it steep for ten minutes. Then transfer tea to the fridge and cool it for at least an hour or more if you have time. Add ice when you’re ready to serve, garnish with fresh mint or fruit and enjoy!
  5. Presentation- Whereas hot tea is often served in teacups, mugs, tumblers or teapots, iced tea is usually served in glassware which helps to maintain its cold temperature. Tall highball glasses, mason jars and pitchers are ideal for serving iced tea and are super cute too! (Note: many people enjoy their "iced" tea simply chilled and minus the ice. Do you!)

Tip: You can freeze some tea or a complimentary fruit juice in ice cube trays and add it to your drink before drinking to prevent having watery iced tea. 

The perfect setting for iced tea has got to the beach. The turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea coupled with the beams of the radiant sun has got our name on it. Try our Pineapple Ginger Twist Tea as the perfect iced tea that you can enjoy this summer (or any time of year because no calendar is dictating our #SipTasteSavor fest.) ;)

That’s our two sips and we’re pretty sure it’s obvious what our tea for the day is!

Happy National Iced Tea Day.


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