How To Make Herbal Tea

How To Make Herbal Tea

Did you know that different teas require different preparation techniques for that perfect cup? Most people make their tea by either pouring hot water over a teabag or by putting their teabag in a cup full of water and heating it in the microwave. Based on the drinker's strength preference, a bag can be left anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes or more. All teas whether black, white, green, oolong or herbal have different steeping time requirements as well as water temperature requirements but most people don't know the formulas and sadly aren't having the best cup of tea possible.

Many tea houses and cafes have started offering steeped teas. While some think of this as nothing more than a marketing scheme, the tea houses are actually on to something. There's a reason to have steeped tea, buy why? Steeping tea unlocks the full health benefits of the leaves, many of which are time released. This is especially true for herbal teas so we thought we'd share with you the right way to make herbal tea. 

How to make herbal tea

1. Place a herbal teabag or fresh herbs and leaves in your favorite teacup or mug.

2. Boil water in a kettle or teapot until it reaches 212 °.

3. Pour boiling water over the teabags or fresh ingredients. 

4. Cover the cup with a lid and steep for a minimum of 5 minutes*. This step is often missed but very important to trap the natural oils released by the leaves and retain the health properties of the ingredients. 

5. If desired, sweeten to taste with a natural sweetener

6. Sip. Taste. Savor. 

*Note: Herbal teas can be steeped much longer if desired because they do not contain tannins and therefore do not become bitter over time unlike black and green teas. Have you ever drunk black or green tea that has been steeped too long or at too high a temperature. *Uncontrollable shudders emerge*. 

Black mint tea is my tea for the day. What's in your cup?


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