Not Your Grandma’s Tea

Not Your Grandma’s Tea

Tea is awesome, we can all pretty much agree. But it hasn't changed much over the years. When most people think of tea, they think of things like their grandma’s kitchen, a childhood tea party or the royal family at high tea. Common accessories include tea cups, fine china and dainty cucumber sandwiches.

Well Taste Tea Naturals ™ has launched and we aim to completely disrupt that idea. We're proudly, not your grandma’s cup of tea. We provide tea for millennials looking for a modern tea experience. We combined the flavors of loose leaf tea, the convenience of a teabag and the luxury of a silky pyramid sachet and packaged it in a designer tea tin.  Responding to our own desires for exotic, caffeine free teas, Taste Tea Naturals ™ offers premium, specialty fruit and herb teas with a Caribbean twist! What’s the twist? Every tea features at least one unique ingredient from the Caribbean region.

But it’s not just about the flavors. It’s about the experience. When you drink our teas, we want you to connect with desirous experiences, memories, places etc. Our first tea, Taste Antigua ™ will transport you to the island paradise where one of 365 beaches is just the beginning. Are you ready to discover your newest taste? Explore Taste Tea Naturals™ and let’s sip, taste, savor together.


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